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The Last Broken Nose
A Message From the KANSLER
SLIMY SHAKE Raps for the Terran Forces
Argus Project audio samples
SLIMY SHAKE Raps for the Terran Forces

Click the link below to hear a sample from Slimy Shake's "Die, Martian" -- the rap superhit of the late 22nd century.

CLICK HERE to hear Slimy Shake

Inside the Voce Di Agua concert hall, the previous artist Merry Care had left the stage only minutes earlier.

The Venusian singer had moved the audience to tears with a sing-a-long rendition of "One Earth" - and then the main event kicked in with a loud boom-bass beat, as Slimy Shake charged onto the stage, his howl enhanced by loudspeakers to resemble a 20th-century air-raid siren.

Slimy Shake a.k.a. "His Eminence", one of the biggest Terran pop acts, was now working the crowd into a state of ecstatic bloodlust. The audience of 200 off-duty MSF troopers, stoked on pep-drugs and moonshine, shouted along with Slimy's rap.

Bo-bo dancers shook their various grafted appendages and extra breasts at the crowd, as Slimy shouted the refrain of his recent hit "Die, Martian":

"Kill'em! Fark'em!
Fark'em! Kill'em!
Don't let them breed!
Just let them bleed!
Kill! Fark! Kill! Fark!"

A large hologram, projected on the twenty-meter-high wall behind Slimy Shake, pictured him in MSF helmet and insignia. In the simulated fantasy sequence played on the wall, he killed and molested Martian civilians.

The "real" Slimy Shake who hopped about on the stage, beefed up with muscle implants, his eyeballs dyed red to make him seem vicious, had never used a weapon in his entire life.

At this peak of his fourteen-year career of reciting odes to rape and destruction, Slimy had enthusiastically volunteered to support the fighting men of the MSF. The audience repeated his call, rhythmically raising their fists and guns into the air.

"Kill! Fark! Kill! Fark!"

Slimy Shake was 43 years old. Regular rejuvenation treatments preserved him as the eternal acne-ridden teenager. He spat and screamed his spoken lyrics, threatened, preened, and sulked with impeccable pitch and rhythm. He stopped rapping for a minute, and started to rant about being misunderstood and alone against the world, "like you my brothers in the MSF."

Slimy was just preparing to pretend-assault a bo-bo girl onstage, when -

"Kill! Fark! Kill! Fa..."

Slimy Shake, A.K.A. "His Eminence", in concert on Mars


Also popular in the late 22nd century is choir music from the rebel colonies on Jupiter's moons.
The link below opens an audio clip of The Jovian Mining Choir singing the classic "Seasick Charlie". (The song tells the legend of an unlucky gas miner who once threw up in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, and got his vomit thrown back at him by the colossal winds - with such force that he was killed.)

CLICK HERE to hear the Jovian choir

(From the novel THE ARGUS PROJECT, by A.R.Yngve. Rap lyrics "Die, Martian" written by A.R.Yngve.)

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Text, lyrics and song (c) A.R.Yngve

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