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The Last Broken Nose
A Message From the KANSLER
SLIMY SHAKE Raps for the Terran Forces
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A Message From the KANSLER


This is a communiqué from the Chancellor of the Outer Defense Ring of the Terran Fleet:


Sons and daughters of Mother Earth, it is with great pride I can announce that the terrorist threat of the Outer Planets is nearing its defeat.

During the past few months, our mighty fleet and its champion Argus-A have dealt the enemy bases several crippling blows. I can at last say to you, with complete confidence: a total victory and permanent peace is in sight.

In the past I have ceaselessly tried to negotiate a peaceful solution to this conflict, but the party of the Jovian forces has repeatedly rejected all our peace proposals. So it was with a heavy heart that I declared all further possibilities of negotiated ceasefire as closed.

Only the force and superiority of the Terran Fleet can bring us the unconditional surrender of the Jovian enemy, and thus guarantee the safety of our children, and our future in space.

My fellow humans... this is our moment of truth. Never before has the human race spread so wide, and is about to spread even further, beyond the boundaries of the Solar System.

What is at stake in this war is more than the supply route of deuterium to the Inner Planets, much more than the safety of Mother Earth from terrorist attacks. At stake is the very future of our species.

We cannot let it fall into the hands of a race of deformed genetic throwbacks. The true core of our species must prevail.

Now is the time for all of us to support our men and women out there, who fight and sweat and bleed for us. Send them encouraging mail, tell them that you are behind them every step of the way. Send PP donations to those from your hometown who enlisted to join the good fight.

With your full support they shall win, and return home. And with luck, I shall return to Earth and bring Argus-A with me, to share your thanks.

Soon we fly once more into battle, and in the starry depths of outer space she floats there: Mother Earth, most precious of all worlds, reminding us of home.

Thank you and bless you all, and bless Mother Earth.




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The KANSLER, commander of the Terran Fleet

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